Kingcade Westminster Collection

Enchantingly presented in cherry wood with "slip and swing" patterning, this collection is smooth and impressive. Dovetail drawers with a cedar base emit a beautiful feel and fragrance. High-quality cane construction provides beauty and character.
Westminster Collection...
  • Westminster Queen Bed Dimensions: 1700(W) 2152(L) 1200(H)
  • Westminster King Bed Dimensions: 2003(W) 2152(L) 1200(H)
  • Westminster Bedside Table Dimensions: 550(W) 450(D) 650(H)
  • Westminster Sideboard / Buffet Dimensions: 1200(W) 500(D) 900(H)
  • Westminster Dressing Table Table Dimensions: 1200(W) 520(D) 800(H)
    Mirror Dimensions: 872(W) 200(D) 603(H)
  • Westminster End Table Dimensions: See In-store
  • Westminster Dining Table Dimensions: 1150(W) 1150(D) 760(H)
  • Westminster Arm Chair Dimensions: 553(W) 600(D) 950(H)
  • Westminster Dining Chair Dimensions: 553(W) 600(D) 950(H)
  • Westminster Round Coffee Table Dimensions: 900(W) 900(D) 500(H)
  • Westminster Entertainment Unit Dimensions: 1200(W) 480(D) 580(H)
  • Westminster Three Drawer Tallboy Dimensions: 1100(w) 480(D) 900(H)
  • Westminster Stool Dimensions: 400(W) 400(D) 466(H)